Square Enix Unveils First Gameplay for Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

We love us some Life is Strange here at Hardcore Gamer, with both the original series and its prequel Before the Storm series telling compelling stories that took gaming storytelling to a new level. This past March, they announced that both the original and prequels would be remastered with revamped animations and better-looking models.

Now, things like reflections help the world seem a bit more realistic while still keeping the franchise’s unique art style intact for the characters and world.

The Remastered Collection launches on Stadia, Steam, PS4, and Xbox One — with PS5 and Series console playback as well, on September 30.  Pre-ordering Life is Strange: True Colors’ deluxe edition allows players to get the Remastered Collection as well — so if you’re looking to get that, it’s the best overall value possible.