Stellar Overload Updated With a Whole New Canyon-Biome Planet

There’s no faulting Stellar Overload for ambition.  The initial Early Access release featured one of the planned-on ten planets and since that time another has been added.  The initial sunny skies and rolling hills of Merx were joined by the more forest-y planet Istara, and now a hotter, drier world in the form of Novo Ares has popped into existence.  The heights are hot while the depths are pleasant, and you can get from one to the other more easily thanks to the new hook-sword.  Anyone who’s played Just Cause knows how handy a nice grappling hook is for traversing difficult terrain, and while it’s not that hard to carve a pathway through the earth it’s always good to have zippier options available.  The new update also adds more building materials, electricity and controllable machines, circuits and switches to allow the creation of fancy wiring, and even a new dungeon on the starting world.  There’s a whole new planet to explore and more tools to do the exploring with, in a solar system that’s growing a bit at a time into a hazardous science fiction adventure that’s as much building and traveling as it is shooting down techno-invaders.  Check out the new trailer  below to see all the updated goodies in action.