Street Fighter V gets a Battle System Overview Trailer

After re-releasing Street Fighter IV a few times, Capcom announced Street Fighter V, the latest entry in the famous Street Fighter 2D perspective, one-on-one fighting game series. Today, Capcom released a new trailer that gives an overview of some unique features in Street Fighter V’s battle system.

It looks like most of, if not all, the characters will have new moves and abilities to change up the way they play. But at the forefront are the new segmented V-Gauge and its related systems, which are replacing Street Fighter IV’s Focus mechanic. Each character has unique V-Skills which can build up the V-Gauge when used successfully, for example Ryu looks like he can parry again and Street Fighter Alpha’s Nash can absorb projectiles to boost his super meter. To change up the flow of combat, there are also V-Reversals, hard-hitting counterattacks that use up part of the V-Gauge but help you recover when someone is pressuring you. Then there is the V-Trigger, a unique special mode or attack that consumes the entire V-Gauge but could really turn the tables on your opponent. Super Combos are returning, this time called “Critical Arts”, and they look more painful and even shinier than before. It excites us to see how these new features will change the course of battle, but more importantly, how these changes will affect the mind games involved in every match.

Educate yourself with the pretty new Battle System Trailer below. Street Fighter V is set to release for PlayStation 4 and PC next year.