Stubbs the Zombie Semi-Lives Again

Way back in the days of Microsoft’s very first console there was a zombie game that turned the genre on its head.  This was well before zombies were completely played out, although seeing as Shaun of the Dead had come out a year before the genre was already well into the “play with the concept in weird ways to see what else we can wring out of it” territory.  (For a different genre in the same stage, see Wandavision.)  Instead of the zombies being the threat, Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse put you in the title character’s rotting shoes to actually lead the horde, chomping brains through a late-50s “city of the future” that’s as ugly deep down as it is happy on the surface.

While Stubbs the Zombie spawned a thematic sequel in the form of the highly likeable Ray’s the Dead, the original version was stranded on a long-obsolete console while the PC version on Steam was the one from 2005.  That’s finally been corrected with today’s release, which is the original game in a warts-and-all presentation that preserves the game exactly as it was except for general bug-squishing plus a bump in resolution for today’s shiny new displays and monitors.  Chomp brains, convert the living to the undead, sic the horde on more of the living, and create a shambling swarm to terrorize the squeaky-clean world of 1950s Americana.  You know it deserves it.

Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse released today on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, with the PC versions on Steam and GOG getting the new updates as well.  The new trailer below shows Stubbs in all his green-skinned, cigarette-smoking, original-Xbox-but-now-higher-resolution undead glory, so give it a watch.