Sub-Zero Injustice 2 Gameplay Unveiled

Sub-Zero’s trailer has finally arrived for Injustice 2. The iconic Mortal Kombat character sports a new outfit for Injustice 2 along with a new moveset. Sub-Zero has his standard freeze attacks while also shooting projectiles of his ice clones, throwing said ice clones and freezing the opponent’s feet in place. Sub-Zero’s super is also pretty damn cool.

Sub-Zero was announced as one of the first 3 DLC characters in the DLC Fighter 1 Pack with Red Hood preceding him last week and Starfire coming sometime soon. Sub-Zero is reportedly the only Mortal Kombat DLC confirmed by NetherRealm, but in the DLC announcement trailer there was a silhouette that looked a lot like the thunder god Raiden. You can play as Sub-Zero starting in July. Here is his gameplay trailer below:


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