Sundered’s New Trailer Sees Corruptive Powers Embraced

A few months ago, we saw the debut of Sundered, a new 2D action/metroidvania game from Thunder Lotus Games. Much like their previous game Jotun, it was made entirely of hand-drawn art and ridiculously gorgeous, but had a much darker theme, with a world of Eldritch horrors that our heroine Eshe would have to fight through, possibly sacrificing their own humanity in the process. “Resist or Embrace” is the game’s tagline, referring to the choice of whether or not to enhance your skills with Elder Shards, making them more powerful, but with a tremendous cost to Eshe and the story. And as seen with with the title of the new trailer, “Embrace,” we now get a peek of what those corrupted skills are like, which you can see in the video below.

In addition to the new trailer, several gameplay details were elaborated on a bit by the developers as well. While Sundered is still a metroidvania game with an emphasis on exploration, dungeons will be procedurally generated, with rooms that get shuffled around each time you die. In addition, it also features Left 4 Dead-style monster spawns, where a variety of factors determine the foes you end up encountering, adding to the chaos and unpredictable nature. There’s also the standard skill tree and abilities, where the aforementioned Elder Shards come into play. Indeed, it looks like Sundered is shaping up to be a potential sleeper hit for 2017, so be ready to possibly embrace it yourself when it comes out for PC and PS4.