Super Famicom Classic Receives Overview Trailer

The Super NES Classic is due out in just a little over a month, and we’re finally getting a peak at what we can look forward to with the UI and new mechanics for the miniature system with an overview trailer for the Japanese version. The overview trailer runs down all the games that are included, which are slightly different between regions, but also showcases other new features the system is able to do.

Similarly to the NES Classic, players are able to save their game at any moment be using the reset button on the console. Brand new to this system is a new rewind feature which allows players to go back and replay the game from any point in their save they choose. The limitations on this feature aren’t fully clear yet, but it seems to allow players to easily watch and redo mistakes they’ve made.

A second new cosmetic feature makes its way onto the system in the way of changeable backgrounds. This lets players switch through a variety of different backgrounds and change up what would usually just be a simple black border into a scene to fit the title they’re playing. The final new addition lets players pick between optional screen modes on the game itself. They’re able to play in clear HD, or if they prefer they can go with a more classic feel with a screen that would have been more accurate with the original games release.

The Super NES and Famicom Classic systems will be released on September 29. Check out the Japanese overview trailer below!