Super Heroine Chronicle Gets a Ten Minute Trailer

If there’s one thing Banpresto knows, it’s visuals bursting with enough bright colors to make viewers feel like someone just melted down a pack of Starbursts and poured them onto their corneas. Soon the Japanese developer will unleash another vibrant game in the form of Super Heroine Chronicle. Similar to their Super Robot Taisen series, the game is an amalgamation of heroines from multiple anime franchises including Dream Hunter Rem, the Familiar of  Zero, Symphogear and more. A trailer showcasing all of these femme fatales was released today that clocks in at a whopping ten minutes. It’s likely more Super Heroine Chronicle footage than you’d ever imagine watching, so get comfortable.

The game is due out on PS Vita and PS3 from Namco Bandai on February 6 in Japan. No word yet on localization.