Super Mario Party Adds Online Play for Three Modes, Seventy Minigames

Back in 2018, Nintendo released the latest entry in their long-running multiplayer party franchise, which our review called a “welcome comeback for the series” and has gone on to sell over ten million copies.

While the Switch game received plenty of praise for the joyful local multiplayer experiences it offered, its online components were arguably lackluster, with no way to play the core Mario Party board game mode online and support for only ten of its eighty available minigames. Over two years later, Nintendo has finally corrected this oversight with a new patch for Super Mario Party, which allows players to play three modes, Mario Party, Partner Party and Free Play, as well as seventy of the available minigames online. All characters and stages will be available when playing online regardless of if you unlocked them previously, but the patch does not add random matchmaking, as Super Mario Party currently only supports playing with others on your friends list or those with the necessary password.

Be sure to check out the brief trailer for the new update below.