SuperHot VR Now Available on Vive

Platform exclusivity sucks, but sometimes that’s how developers get the cash needed to make a game. That is reportedly the case for SuperHot VR. As a Vive owner who didn’t want to go through any grey area means to access the Oculus store, I could only stare longingly at the game from a distance. Now, SuperHot VR and I are running across a idyllic meadow and passionately embracing, as the title is now available on the Vive.

SUPERHOT Team’s masterpiece VR experience has launched today at a 20% discount, with a steeper price cut for those with the original title. This is also the complete edition, meaning it’s packing the FOREVER update, adding in extra modes and more to extend the experience. Considering that our own James Cunningham said that it “is one of the best games VR has seen yet“, it seems wiser to snag it while the price is cheaper. Besides, the developer needs income to pay for the extraneous capitalization.