Surreal Adventure Game The Gardens Between to Bloom in Q4 2017

Creating a game with a heavy focus on something such as an emotional core and a story about friendship and growing up can always be a bit tricky, largely because there’s always a risk of accidentally prioritizing the narrative over the gameplay, essentially overshadowing everything else. Thankfully, Melbourne-based developers The Voxel Agents appear to have hopefully avoided that with their new adventure puzzle game The Gardens Between, which now has a full trailer that you can check out below, along with a release window of Q4 2017.

Centering around two childhood friends by the name of Arina and Frendt, The Gardens Between sees you guiding the two through a series of odd islands in order to bypass obstacles, solve puzzles, and activate sets of beacons that form constellations, which then form more of the story between the two characters. It’s definitely an intriguing setup, to say the least, and the game certainly looks absolutely gorgeous, so this may definitely be one to keep an eye out for when it comes out later this year on Steam for Windows and Mac.