Surreal Platformer Fumiko Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

Well, with 3D platformers seemingly ready to make a resurgence through the indie gaming scene thanks to such titles as Yooka-Laylee and A Hat in Time, it wouldn’t exactly be shocking to see any new twists one the genre show up soon. And on that note, enter Fumiko, a surreal, sci-fi, story-driven platformer currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, whose most recent trailer you can check out below.

Set in a computer network in 2080, Fumiko has you playing as the titular character, an artificial intelligence attempting to avoid the network’s attempts to destroy them for being too powerful, while uncovering secrets behind the dystopian world outisde. With a mesmerizing and colorful low-poly style, some impressive acrobatics, and what looks to be an intriguing story, Fumiko may very well have what it takes to contribute to a new wave of platformers. Fumiko is currently due out between now and January 2017, according to the developers, but you can already check out some demo levels for it right here, and you like what you see, show some love for it on Greenlight afterwards.