Symmetra Gets A Redesign in Overwatch

Symmetra is an incredible asset to any team if you know how to use her. Yes, her turrets can be annoying and yes, you can spend a good chunk of each game trying to find the teleporter but for those who are playing as her instead if against her, she’s a great character. Now, she is getting a buff that will include a second ultimate ability that can be chosen when the ult meter reaches 100% in an upcoming Overwatch update.

In addition the the teleporter, players will have the option to choose a shield generator when their ult meter reaches 100%. This shield generator, and most likely the teleporter as well, will have 14 bars or shields and 2 bars of health with each bar worth 25 hp for a total of 400 hp.

The 25 hp shields was removed completely and replaces with the Photon Barrier which acts a bit like Reinhart’s shield, moving at walking speed int he direction that she is aiming. Also added was the ability to place 6 turrets without a cooldown and a 10 second counter to be able to place more turrets instead of 12 seconds.

Her right click hasn’t changed however her left click has 40% more range, (7 meters instead of 5 meters).

If you’d like to check out her new redesign, you can check out the developer update video below: