Synth Riders Breaking Out the Violin with Lindsey Stirling DLC

One of the indicators of a good rhythm game is how well its gameplay adapts to different musical genres, and Synth Riders has been having a blast exploring unexpected and surprising audio nooks and crannies.  Sure, it tends towards high energy tunes to keep the notes flowing, but with packs like Cyberpunk, Synthwave, and the excellent Electro Swing there’s a lot of room for discovering new favorites.  Today brings with it the announcement of the next pack of songs, and in standard unexpected-but-perfect fashion it’s a five-track collection from the eclectic violinist Lindsey Stirling.

Synth Riders is a VR music game that fits into the standard mold- notes come flying towards you, you bap them away with your hands.  Which as anyone who’s played this kind of game can attest is maybe a little reductive, especially when the beat kicks in and the notes start flying.  The reason so many music games are modeled on this type of gameplay, from regular flat-screen Rock Band to VR almost-killer-app Beat Saber, is that it’s a system that works, and Synth Riders’ note tracks make it top-tier rhythm gaming.  The developers have done a lot of work to differentiate Synth Riders from other music games of its type by diversifying the soundtrack, and the new Lindsey Stirling collection should be a perfect example of that with songs ranging from electronica-instrumental to a Bollywood-inspired piece.  Plus, in what may be a music game trailer first, Ms Stirling actually plays the game to her music.

The Synth Riders Lindsey Stirling pack is coming out on April 14.  For a taste of the note tracks to come check out the new trailer below and get ready to move to the violin’s tune.

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