Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo Trailer Released

Since its pilot episode back in November last year, Telltale’s Borderlands series has been a big hit, even for people who haven’t played the original Borderlands games and are just Telltale fans. The story gives the backstory for a lot of the characters from the Borderlands games, but the story itself is very self contained, so there is not much confusion for people new to the series.

The second and third episodes have gotten just as much praise as the first, and now, the fourth episode comes out tomorrow. So the nice people at Telltale thought they would give us a trailer to get us ready.

Check it out below:

This is the penultimate episode of the season, so we should expect some sort of mess to hit the fan, and the big climax should be almost set up before the finale. For all that and more, keep it here.