Ten Minute ‘Tears to Tiara II’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Released way back in 2005 in Japan for PC and then remade multiple times for PS3 in the latter part of the decade (and then in 2010 for PSP), Tears to Tiara is finally getting a sequel. The Leaf-developed/Aquaplus-published game is a Tactical JRPG set in the same world, but with different main characters designed by dōjinshi artist Tatami Honjō. Due out on October 31, a gameplay trailer clocking in at a whopping ten minutes has been released. The trailer features a ton of gameplay from the game, giving players a better look of what to expect when the game is released in three days. Unfortunately, the likely helpful narration is in Japanese, but the video is long enough that even those completely inexperienced with Japanese can get a grasp of it.