TERA’s Console Port Gets Overview Trailer

Originally a PC MMORPG, TERA has been around for several years. With its modern console port moving into an Open Beta, fans of online, action-oriented RPGs may want to get a rundown on how it all works. For starters, the move to a console gamepad from something like mouse and keyboard provides a challenge for anyone looking to make a port. To keep inputs active, TERA’s console port sports toggled hotkey actions bars, with the buttons on the pad paired to specific, player-assigned active skills. To top it off, each class will default to unique button mapping, tailored to making that class easier to use. It’s the full gambit here, inventory has been cleaned up to allow for easier access and a new lock-on system is in the game to help focus the action. Needless to say, potential players hoping to pick up TERA get their chance to try it with the Open Beta this week.

See a First Look video of TERA’s console optimization below. TERA’s Open Beta is running from March 9 to March 11, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.