The Creepy Forest Spirits of Dap Congregate on a Release Window Trailer

The modern image of fairies and other spirits is that of perky sprites dancing among the leaves, but the world of today is very different than the untamed forest that gave birth to these creatures. Nature only seems friendly because people spent centuries making it that way, and the spirits that inhabited the wilderness were even more dangerous than the beasts that lived there.  The trick with wild spirits was living nearby them without losing too much, but the Dap don’t have the advantage humans had of houses and other protections of a growing civilization. The small bone-white humanoids live in relative safety in a protected garden, but are driven out one day by a hostile presence and scattered through a strange and deadly forest.  One Dap is relatively helpless, but it can explore and find others to help it along the way and maybe survive the corruption that’s slowly overtaking the wilderness.

There’s been a demo available for Dap for a while over on Steam, showcasing a unique, disturbing, and strangely pretty 2D Pikmin-like adventure. The player controls a single Dap at the start but quickly uses some simple communication skills to gain a following of rescued friends.  The primary Dap has a strike attack plus can quickly shoot a limited number of recharging spirit-bullets, or charge up a multi-shot where everyone in the group joins the barrage.  The demo is fairly forgiving, with death putting you back at the start of the current area, but it’s also only level 1 plus a hint of level 2 so it’s hard to say how long that kindness is going to last.  It’s lovely, weird, and disturbing, though, and doesn’t take much play at all to earn a spot on the gaming radar.  As of today Dap also has a release window, with a new trailer announcing a target of Q3 2021 and absolutely worth a watch for the way it combines live-action and game-art scenes with a sense of intriguing strangeness. Give it a view below, then head over to Steam to play a demo that walks through the start of a world where spirits and nature are completely untamed.

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