The Fastest Guns in the Stars Comes to Warframe

Digital Extremes releases updates on a continuous basis for their free-to-play title, Warframe, and today we get a big one. While the PC version received this update in late November, PS4 players will be getting a nice packaged download today. The most noticeable addition is the quick and deadly Mesa Warframe. This model comes with various unique abilities: Ballistic Battery channels damage taken into gunfire, Shooting Gallery cycles damage to squadmates and jamming guns, Shatter Shield deflects incoming fire, and Peacemaker unleashes a barrage of bullets to everyone around her.

In addition, along with a new ongoing operation titled Mutalist Incursions, there are new enemies that will be joinng the fight, adding even more variety in who you face. There are also new weapons to be found and built, a Patient Zero quest to accomplish, an Ice Planet Tileset to explore and customizations to your ship. Warframe is the gift that keeps on giving as it should have fans playing all through the holidays.