The Game Bakers’ Haven Heading to PS4, Switch Next Week

The Game Bakers’ recently-released, space-adventure title Haven, is on its way to PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. Having previously released across PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC back in December of last year, the game was slated to come to PS4 & Switch later down the line, though no confirmed date was provided for those latter platforms. That lack of information has now been rectified with confirmation that the game will release next week, February 4. For those who purchase a copy of the game on PS4, an iteration for PS5 will also be provided at no extra cost. The game will also see a release on the Epic Games Store alongside.

Haven follows the adventures of lovers Yu and Kay following their attempted-but-successful escape from their former lives in which they wind up on the floating island-filled planet of Source. An anticipated foll0w-up to the studio’s previous work — the enjoyable, hack-and-slash, boss-rush title Furi — Haven was met with a similarly-favourable level of praise for its story, characters and not least its electronic-focused soundtrack.

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