The Longest Five Minutes Releasing in February

It’ll be interesting to see how Nippon Ichi’s upcoming spin on the usual JRPG set-up, will turn out. The Longest Five Minutes, a tale of a valiant hero, fittingly named Flash Back, battling a formidable evil — but forgetting all his memories prior to the start of the final boss battle, requiring the player to “flashback” to previous moments in the hero’s quest — has just released in Japan and fortunately those of us in the west won’t have to wait long to get our hands on it.

NIS America have today announced that the game will be available for PC, Switch & Vita on February 13 in North America with the Switch & Vita versions in Europe arriving a few days later on February 16. You can see the game’s “Reexperience” system in action in the trailer below, as players aim to remember as much as they can in order to be as strong as possible (again) to face the big bad.

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