The Medium Receives One Creepy Live-Action Trailer

You may have seen the recent gameplay clip last week for Bloober Team’s upcoming horror adventure The Medium alongside our preview of the game, but if you still wanted even more of it in one form or another, then you’re in luck. Bloober have teamed up with VFX and animation studio Platige Image, as well as Polish artists and filmmakers Tomasz Bagiński and Paweł Maślona in order to create a rather visually stunning live-action trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

Granted, the new trailer doesn’t exactly reveal much of the game’s story, but according to Bagiński (who acted as Writer and Creative Producer), this appears to be a bit intentional. “The task was to lean as hard as possible on the emotional side of the story while trying to keep as many of the twists as possible a secret. The script is supposed to build a certain mood rather than reveal a story.” So some details of Marianne’s adventure are still a mystery, although we do get to see even more of the apocalyptic environments, surreal imagery, and even a couple of horrendous beasts that they’ll be encountering when The Medium arrives on January 28 for XSX and PC.