The PS Vita Xmas Ad is Aimed Squarely at Children

Sony has just released the Xmas (which I’m beginning to think will eventually take over for “Christmas” ala Futurama) ad for the PS Vita (at least in Europe), which is surprisingly aimed at children. The minute-and-a-half long spot showcases Lego Marvel Superheroes, Tearaway and Invizimals, with a surprising amount of time spent on Invizimals. Honestly, it might just be the mostĀ Invizimals has ever been promoted.

With most of the PS Vita games decidedly aimed at adults, it’s an odd marketing strategy to showcase the very few kid-oriented PS Vita games (so few thatĀ Invizimals is one of them), but as it’s Xmas time, perhaps Sony is trying to steal away some of those coveted under-the-Xmas-tree sales from Nintendo.