The Robots Do the Heavy Lifting in The Colonists Launch Trailer

The frontier life of a space colonist is oddly masochistic.  Why slave away plowing a field in a desperate race against a new planet’s seasons when you can send a robot ahead to build it all for you?  The Colonists is a cute sci-fi colonization game where a small team of iRobots lands on an unspoiled planet’s surface and proceeds to build, expand, and harvest its way towards creating a thriving town for the coming settlers.  While there’s not much to work with at first its quickly joined by other robots as the resource-pool grows, terraforming the planet into the perfect home for settlers who were smart enough to design a lovely new colony without needing to personally be involved in the back-breaking labor necessary to create it.  Admitted, it’s hard to say at this early point what it is that sets The Colonists apart from other “carve a home from the untamed wilderness” Settlers-style games, but maybe the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented with each new incarnation and a low-poly coat of paint and friendly, inviting art style is enough to get building again.

The Colonists hits Early Access on November 9.  Check out the launch trailer below to see a robot-conducter driving a steam engine, which is is all any trailer needs to be worth watching.