The Wandering Village Now Wandering Over to Xbox

Last year, Stray Fawn Studio’s unique city-building sim The Wandering Village was a massive success on Kickstarter, making five times its funding goal and reaching stretch goals that allowed for new game mechanics and areas to traverse. Console versions of the game weren’t in the cards yet, though, since they couldn’t promise that what they had in mind would work on consoles, for various reasons. Well, with today’s ID@Xbox Indie Showcase, it looks like any problems that were in the way have been solved, as The Wandering Village will now be heading to Xbox platforms in addition to PC.

Set in a world plagued by toxic spores, the game sees players playing a group of people attempting to find a stable home. And they happen to find one on the back of a large beast roaming the lands, where they will build their new village. The challenge comes in dealing with not only managing a city, but maintaining a stable and friendly and symbiotic relationship with this newfound massive friend. They give you a place to live, you help take care of them as well, and that includes dealing with possible spore infections. Fail at this, and…well, the end of the trailer below shows just what’s in store if that happens. The Wandering Village is set to enter Early Access in December, and will come to Xbox Game Preview as well, though no word yet if that will happen at the same time as the PC version.