The Witch and the Hundred Knight Gets New Gameplay Videos, Screenshots

NISA has released two new gameplay clips and a set of screenshots for The Witch and the Hundred Knight. The first clip shows how the Hundred Knight can combine the special skills at his disposal — Tochkas — to wipe out enemies. The second clip demonstrates Witch Domination. By successfully raiding a house, you get an item and can then visit the house again to reap various benefits, like boosting EXP, recovering Gigacals, or increasing the Bonus Meter. Raiding too many houses, however, will increase your Karma and eventually lead to townsfolk throwing rocks at you.

Additionally, the new screenshots show off various environments and gameplay featured in the game.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight will be released for PS3 on March 25 in North America. Be sure to read our preview here and check back next week for our review.