The Witness Has a New Trailer, Sort Of

The team behind The Witness have released new footage in the form of The Witness Long Screenshot #2.  This is the second (obviously) such “trailer” that Jonathon Blow has released on his YouTube channel.  The first —The Witness Long Screenshot #1— was released a month ago.  Pretty much what their titles describe, the videos consist of a continuous screenshot.  Okay, the camera does move.  The trailers show a long, continuous shot of the island environment, giving us a birds eye view in the first trailer, and a long strafe along the coast in the second.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t seem to give us too much new to look at, other than a little bit more detail on certain locations.

The Witness is an upcoming exploration puzzle game from Jonathon Blow, the creator of Braid.  The Witness is set for release on January 26 for PlayStation 4 and PC. It will also appear on iOS at a later, yet to be specified, date.