Tim Schafer Spills the Details on Psychonauts 2 Plot

The crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2 is just about over, measured in hours not days, and hit its goal days ago.  There’s still time to build more hype and hopefully get a final round of investment going, though, so in just about the last video possible in the time available Tim Schafer went over the broad plot outline of the game.  Raz journeys to Psychonauts headquarters only to find things aren’t as wonderful as he’d fantasized.  Funds are being siphoned away from proper psychonaut business into less savory pursuits such as necromancy, which combines the thrill of embezzlement and the fun of playing with corpses.  There are double agents, old evils, and of course his family history gets tangled up throughout.  Plus there’s a girl named Lili making his life just a bit more confusing in the midst of all this, because it’s not like Raz had enough on his mind already.  Head on over to the Psychonauts 2 Fig page, or just wait a couple years if you’d rather buy the game than invest.

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