‘Tiny Barbarian DX’ Gets Publisher, Heads to Consoles

Sure to catch the eye of 2D action-platformer fans, Tiny Barbarian DX is a difficult, sprawling, slashing 16-bit platformer by StarQuail Games. The game stars Tiny, a barbarian, and features four episodes meant to reflect old pulp magazines in format. Each episode has its own setting, enemies, and chiptune music. While Tiny Barbarian has been on Steam for a couple years now, it is finally headed to consoles. With publisher Nicalis Inc. partnered up to get console distribution, the upcoming port of Tiny Barbarian DX will also contain an exclusive bonus episode: The Domain of the Ice Queen.

To get a better idea of the gameplay, see the original Steam launch trailer for Tiny Barbarian DX below. Tiny Barbarian DX is currently in development for consoles.