Tom vs. The Armies of Hell Launching Next Week

Not many people get the chance to play as software engineers in a video game. But in Tom vs. The Armies of Hell, that’s meant to be part of the fun. Tom vs. The Armies of Hell is a story-driven indie action-adventure, made by one person, where players forge souls into demon-slaying weapons. The souls of the fallen can be absorbed into special ammo that can mod playable character Tom’s gun. Tom also possesses the ability to temporarily go demon himself, making the titular armies of Hell that much more approachable to manage. Enemies are procedurally placed and there are six challenging levels, making the short game a bit more spicy for those who want a bang for their buck.

A low-level software engineer at aptly-named Questionable Technologies, Tom lives a mundane life. Of course, that changes when a portal opens up in the secret research lab below Tom’s office. The portal in question atypically goes to Hell, so in come the demons. When Tom reacts realistically and runs away to hide, he is turned into a demon hybrid by the purple imp Beezle. With a new body and an experimental gun, Tom needs to go Doom or die trying.

See a gameplay trailer for the game below. Tom vs. The Armies of Hell is out on Steam on July 27.


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