Tower 57 Gets a Jazzy Tune For Its Launch Trailer

So Pixwerk and 11 bit Studios released their top-down shooter Tower 57 recently, much to our delight. And they decided to go all out with the release as well, crafting a jazzy original tune for a launch trailer complete with some spiffy pixel art and animation, all of which you can check out in the video below.

With imagery and music perfectly fitting the game’s dieselpunk/art deco universe, the clip and song all highlight the game’s co-op gameplay, basically pointing out how intense and fun things can get when playing with a friend. The only disappointment is that the mustachioed fellow there with the cybernetic eye never actually appears in the game proper. Seriously, what’s his story? Ah well, nonetheless, those interested in old-school action should check out Tower 57, now available on Steam.