Tower 57 Reveals Release Date, Eleven Reasons To Buy It

Tower 57 has impressed us so far by being an impressive twin-stick throwback, but wouldn’t it better to have a more direct pitch detailing why you should be interested in the game? Well, 11 bit Studios have done just that, unveiling a new trailer that not only reveals the game’s release date of November 16, but also lists eleven facts guaranteed to get you interested, as seen in the clip below.

Aside from being quite up front about how the whole game is meant to be a love letter to the days of Amiga, that trailer also focuses on the fast-paced action, level design, co-op play, the dismemberment, the tanks, and of course, the dinosaurs, all in one dieselpunk package. It all looks quite impressive indeed, selling the hi-bit title with a comical tone, but will the actual game end up doing the greats of Amiga justice? We’ll find out next month when Tower 57 comes out for the PC.