Treat Your Ears to Three of Splatoon’s Infectious Squid Pop Songs

Splatoon has done a lot to improve the Wii U’s global appeal, but perhaps its most underrated contribution has been introducing squid pop to the world. The freshest genre on the block these days, artists like Chirpy Chips, Hightide, and Squid Squad have taken Splatoon’s airwaves by storm, and planted their melodies firmly in our brains in the process. Today, Nintendo has been kind enough to release three of Splatoon’s catchy songsĀ for our listening pleasure, along with their own album artwork.

Two of these tunes, Hightide’s “Hooked” and Chirpy Chips’ “Shelfie”, are new singles that debuted yesterday as part of Splatoon’s big August update. The third, Squid Squad’s classic “Ink or Sink”, is a song every Splatoon player should know by heart. Enjoy!