Trial Version of Kinect Sports Rivals At Xbox One’s Launch

There have been three games that have been pushed into next year that were supposed to be next-gen launch titles: DriveClub, Watch Dogs and Kinect Sports Rivals. While it certainly wasn’t the most devastating delay, Kinect Sports Rivals was looking like a promising Kinect title that was aimed towards families.

Well it looks like we’ll be getting the game at launch after all (kind of). Microsoft has announced today that, while they’ll still be publishing family-friendly sports title sometime in March, early adopters of the system will gain access to a trial version. Titled Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason, this includes only one of the six activities found in the retail game, but will be completely free and will have various rewards to unlock. Rare’s next installment into the, let’s call it one of the best Kinect franchise, is looking promising with vibrant visuals and actual human-like avatars. Get a taste of it at the launch of the Xbox One on November 22.