Trials of Mana Demo Coming This Week with New Information Revealed

The remake of the beloved SNES classic is just a month away, and with it getting ever closer players have the chance to dive into a demo coming in just a couple days. In addition to the demo, it was revealed that there will be additional story content added to the end of the game. This comes with an extra class change each character is capable of going through, and of course new content to be explored. The planned demo is launching on March 18 for all related systems and will allow players to get up to the first boss and carry data over to the full release. It’s unknown at this time if players will be able to participate in the demo multiple times to try out all the characters or if it will just be once.

The Trials of Mana demo launches on March 18 with the full release coming April 24 for PS4, Switch and Steam. Check out the last trailer below: