Try Your Luck At Crafting Classic Tales With Storyteller

When Annapurna Interactive was first formed back in 2016 as a division of Annapurna Pictures, they made it clear that they were excited at the prospect of exploring “the artistry and diversity of interactive storytelling.” So nearly five years later, it only seems appropriate that with their first Annapurna Interactive Showcase, they unveil a new game entirely about storytelling. And that would be that aptly-named Storyteller, a new spin on puzzle games from developer Daniel Benmergui.

Storyteller’s setup is pretty simple: You’re given a title, a setting, and various emotions and characters, and you have to tell a story using them. And using them, you can craft whatever story you can, but in order to succeed, the story needs to fit the given title. So if the title calls for a tragedy, you need to figure out how to utilize the characters in each panel in order to tell a properly tragic tale. And things get even more interesting when the stories delve into fantasy, mythology, horror, Biblical tales, Shakespearean drama, and more. Storyteller is described as “Coming Soon” for PC and Switch, which could mean anything…but it’s at least far enough that it already has a demo out now, which you can check out on Steam.