Devolver Tumble Time Begins Later This Year

During its E3 2021 presentation, Devolver Digital unveiled Devolver Max Pass Plus: a new subscription service that gives fans access to all manner of premium purchases. The good news is that everyone is already subscribed! The bad news is that not everything is ready to play (but it’s coming soon). Several games will be available via the Max Pass Plus subscription, including what will probably be the next mobile game craze: Devolver Tumble Time.

Devolver Tumble Time appears to be a puzzle game wherein players must match groups of various Devolver characters. Matching enough of a certain character brings their special ability into play helps clear the tumbler. Clearing enough tumblers will grant players the chance clear daily challenges, unlock new character and possibly buy stuff. Normally, in-game purchases aren’t touted as a feature, but then Devolver Digital is not exactly subtle about these sorts of things.

Devolver Tumble Time will be available for iOS and Android later in 2021. Those interested can pre-register for it starting today.