Turn Based Sci-Fi Strategy Game Tharsis Gets PS4 Announcement Trailer

Sony have today announced that turn based strategy game, Tharsis, will be coming to PS4 in January 2016.   The game was initially developed with a physical prototype using dice and paper and boasts to be “unlike anything else on the market”.

The announcement details the game as a portrayal of the first mission to Mars.  A mission that was sent in response to a “mysterious signal emanating from the red planet”

Along with the announcement, a trailer was released.  Showing a series of scenes detailing dice rolls, decisions, and even death, the game looks to have some of the flavor of FTL with a larger element of chance, character building in decision making.  I’m pretty sure I even saw crew members eating one another. Nice.

An interesting look at a different style of game to the multiple AAA games doing the rounds currently.  It might be worth looking a little more into.

Tharsis will also be available for PC in January 2016.