Two Days Left for Ultra-Fast Hyperspeed Action-Shooter Nelo Kickstarter

Nelo is an alien deep behind enemy lines after his ship crashed on an alien planet, leaving him the only survivor.  Nelo is also a lightning-fast badass with so many moves and varieties of weaponry at his disposal that you have to wonder about the power of the other alien race that’s been giving his civilization so many problems.  (Also, for all we know gender may be a weird and alien concept to Nelo’s species, the Tono Gian, or maybe they’ve got a nice selection totaling a few dozen different options making for really complicated family gatherings, but it looks male so that will have to do until someone provides a textbook detailing their reproductive processes.)  While Nelo the alien is in deep trouble, Nelo the Kickstarter is two days left from wrapping up a successful campaign.

The Kickstarter was no doubt helped by a pre-alpha demo that includes a much-needed tutorial as well as an endurance mode to really put Nelo’s moves to the test in.  The game is all about speed and combat options, with Nelo switching between melee combat with a weak and strong attacks that chain together for different combos, plus a set of four guns hovering around his shoulders.  Both attack methods have their limitations, with melee being reigned in by a stamina bar and the guns having a reload period, so effective fighting involves switching out between the two at regular intervals.  It’s a bit tricky, and every button on a standard Xbox controller has a function including the click of both thumbsticks, but if you can put in the time to learn the moves there’s a very deep, complicated, and crazy-fast combat system to play with.


Take jumping, for example.  Jumping is simple enough, but it gives Nelo several options once he’s in the air.  Land and you’ll automatically be in sprint mode, which is exactly the speed you’ll want to maintain in combat.  Hit jump again in mid-air, though, and Nelo does a dash move.  Latch on to a wall and he can do up to three wall jumps from it.  Hit the dodge button in midair and Nelo does an air-dive.  It’s a lot to keep track of and the enemy assault is relentless.  Keep killing aliens and maintain the combo meter, switching between over-the-shoulder action and top-down twin-stick shooting with the press of the left trigger, though, and you’ll earn a nice bomb blast that not only grants a second of breathing room but also a helpful health replenishment.

While the Kickstarter is fully funded, Nelo is still worth taking a moment to check out if only for how good everything looks while running at top speed.  The demo is little more than an exercise in combat, but it’s a fast and deep system that, while a beast to get under control, offers a lot of variety and a strong challenge.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page and give the demo a look, but bring your best reflexes along for the ride because you’ll be needing them.