Two New Gundam Games Announced for PS4, PS3, and Vita

Who doesn’t like Gundam? Not only is it the anime series that just won’t die, but it’s one of the few out there that, despite how long it’s been around, very rarely ceases to impress. It’s no wonder then, that developers pump out just as many games based off the series as there are overall episodes in the entire franchise’s history. Alright, that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but truly, the series has seen so many game adaptations over the years that it boggles the mind. More baffling is that they rarely disappoint.

One of the newer series, and one of our favorites (as well as one of the more import-friendly titles), is that of Gundam Breaker. For those who don’t know, Gundam Breaker is essentially a “hunting” game in the vein of Monster Hunter — though to we tend to think it feels more reminiscent to Phantasy Star Online than anything — where players hunt and loot baddies to customize their Gunpla mech. That’s right, it’s a game based on the plastic model kits, effectively making it a game where players assemble their own digital mech out of parts dropped by bad guys and kick ass as, well, a toy. It’s so much radder than we’re making it sound; you just have to trust us on this one. It’s also seen two installments, both of which came out on PS3 and Vita, which speaks to its popularity among Japanese gamers.

It’s exciting then, that not only are we getting a third game in the Breaker franchise, but we are getting it on PS4 this time around — in addition to Vita, of course. No other details we’re announced, but we did get a trailer.

Alongside that Gundam Breaker 3 announcement came another game reveal: SD Gundam G Generation Genesis. This is the next title in the long-running Gundam cross-over SRPG series (that bears a striking resemblance to Super Robot Wars, mind you) which, unlike Breaker, is NOT import-friendly in the slightest. Nevertheless, its unveiling trailer is below. It will be coming to PS4 and Vita as well; but will also be releasing on the PS3, too.

There’s no word on either of these games coming west, and it’s extremely likely that they never will. We’ve never gotten a Gundam Breaker game here, and I’m convinced we’ll never get anything from the SD Gundam Generation series, given how text-heavy it is. In fact, the last Gundam game we got here in the States was Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn back in July of 2014, and before that DW: Gundam 3 in 2011. That, ladies and gentlemen, is depressing. At least the Asian version of Gundam Extreme Versus Force will have an English language option included. So we won’t have to wait too terribly long to get down on some mech-on-mech action.

Just the same, both of these games are due out sometime in 2016, though no concrete release date has been nailed down as of now.