Txk and Oculus Rift Make Sweet Music Together in First Gameplay Videos

It’s been known for a while now that the non-Vita versions of TxK coming next year will have VR support, with the PC version set for Oculus Rift and PS4 version compatible with the eventual release of Morpheus.  If you were one of the lucky ones at Manchester’s Play Expo in the UK this October you might even have gotten a chance at seeing it in person.  The rest of use, however, have had to stick with our imaginations, picturing TxK in VR as awfully pretty but maybe wondering how much good the “you are there!”-ness of the Rift would do for a pure arcade experience.  All the hands-on reports have been extremely positive, but seeing (even if by proxy) is believing.

Well now you can believe, if at least a little, because tester Gyratory (Gary Liddon, of Ruffian Games and longtime Llamasoft friend) has been streaming video on Twitch of his testing time and it looks lovely.  Below is an almost-hour’s worth of gameplay and here’s a couple minutes of playing with the pause menu to fly about various frozen moments of gameplay and look at all the pretty explosions and particles hovering in space.  It’d be even more impressive with an actual Rift strapped to your face, of course, but for most of us (me included) that’s something that’s going to have to wait just a little(?) while longer.

Can it be The Future yet?