UFO 50 Packs All the Genres Into One 8-Bit Package

Remember those old mega-cartridges that had fifty, seventy five, a hundred games on them?  They were weird bootleg things for the most part, usually packed with a couple of gems and a pile of sheer madness making up the bulk of it. On the plus side, you got a lot of bang for your (sketchy black-market) buck, but on the other the results were scattershot at best.  UFO 50 is a new game just announced today that’s aiming to recreate the feel of those collections, although if all goes as planned it will pass on the wild quality variation.  While it’s being published by Mossmouth, Derek Yu’s label, the collection is being put together by five creators working under similar limitations to make sure everything in there feels like it was the unified output of an 8-bit publisher whose works were lost to time.

The group is working to create just about any type of game you can think of, from shooter to sports, platformers and RPGs, brawlers, puzzle games, and any other strange thing that might find its way into the compendium.  The creators have a fantastic track record, and is comprised of Derek Yu (Spelunky), Erik Suhrke (music for Spelunky, Downwell, and created Skropulac), John Perry (the upcoming card game Time Barons), Paul Hubins (pixel artist on games like Capcom’s excellent Dark Void Zero), and Ojiri Fumoto who’s best known as Moppin (Downwell).  That’s a lot of talent in one package, and with fifty nearly-full-sized NES-style games to create there’s plenty of room for it to shine.

UFO 50 is coming out some time in 2018.  The trailer below shows off a little over half of what’s in there, so give it a look to get ready for the lost 8-bit catalog of a publisher that never existed.