Unintended Consequences Coming with Noita Early Access Release Date Trailer

Everything effects everything else, even if only a little.  The subtle influences that effect the universe are generally hard to detect, such as the way the gravity of a dwarf planet can gently nudge a harmless asteroid in the kuiper belt to start a long, slow amble into the solar system, at which point it crunches into Earth, the shockwave instantly annihilates all life for hundreds of miles, and the cloud of debris blots out the sun for decades.  Noita doesn’t work on quite that epic a scale but the wizard trying to survive its caverns can be just as guilty of explosive consequences if its not careful.  Shooting a vat of acid so it pours into a lower level and dissolves the monsters wandering about is a good idea.  Letting one of the struts fall against the platform you’re standing on so the flow washes over you is not.  Every clever plan is at the mercy of the consequences of your actions, and with every pixel on screen simulated so it can interact with the effects of every other simulated substance, things can get rapidly and hilariously out of hand.

Noita is basically Falling Sand: The Roguelite, where a huge part of the fun is figuring out how various elements interact.  Some things burn, others explode, and still others melt.  Water turns lava to rock, while lightning electrifies water.  “Every pixel simulated” means that the entire screen is an effect waiting to happen, whether it be rock atomized by an explosion or the icy stalactites on the ceiling shattering when a sigil is lit up.  This counts for the monsters wandering the caverns as well, who can trigger unexpected chain reactions of their own as they go about their business of trying to kill you.  The underground depths really aren’t designed to take the kind of punishment the fight between wizard and monsters inflicts on it.

It’s been a long time coming but Noita is finally almost ready for Early Access.  The game releases on Steam on September 24, and to make the wait a little easier there’s a new trailer released below that gives a hint of the magical destruction to come.

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