Version 2.1.0 of Splatoon 2 Now Available

Kids and squids get ready for a brand new mode in Splatoon 2. Version 2.1.0 of the game is now available to download and with it comes a number of big changes. The most notable is the addition of Clam Blitz, a new ranked match where players must place clams into the opposing teams’ basket. It is sort of a mix between basketball and Salmon Run.

Along with that comes fixes and modifications to already existing content. Many stages have been adjusted to prevent bombs from disappearing. They also received small shifts to placement of objects around the map for both Turf War and Ranked modes. Many weapons have received nerfs such as consuming more ink as well as boosts in power. Some changes were also made to Salmon Run, Story Mode, Spectator Mode and more.

Check out the entire listing of updates for Splatoon 2 on the official website. Watch a little tutorial on Clam Blitz below, have some fun and be happy as a clam!