Viola: The Heroine’s Melody Release Date Announced

Viola:The Heroine’s Melody blends music with platforming and RPG mechanics. This merger of genres offers up 2D side-scrolling action alongside 3-on-3 side-perspective turn-based battles. There’s even an ocarina-esque musical mini-game and rhythm factors into your attack power during battles. The game has been available in early access for a while, and version 1.0 will finally hit Steam on February 17.

The game’s pixel art style looks fantastic and unlike a lot of games that try to mash genres together and fail, this one reminds me a lot of Monster Tale or Henry Hatsworth in that it looks like a highly-polished turn-based JRPG and a well-crafted platformer as well – so it provides the best of both genres. At only $10, it’s a fantastic value for the money – and you can pick it up now at that price ahead of its 1.0 release if it looks promising to you.

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