Volume’s Enemies Revealed in World’s Trippiest Trailer

Now that it’s available on basically every platform known to man, 99% of the world’s population has likely experienced Thomas Was Alone. If you’re one of the few people that doesn’t know about Mike Bithell’s wonderful platformer, this is all you need to understand: it makes you forge deep emotional connections with squares and rectangles. Yeah, it’s pretty darn creative.

Bithell’s next game is called Volume, and it’s a stark departure from what we saw in Thomas Was Alone. This top-down stealth title uses bizarre polygonal models in a strange, colorful world to create something that can only be described as atmospheric (yes that’s a cliche, but it’s applicable in this case). Not much has been revealed about the upcoming PC, PlayStation 4, Vita, and Mac title up to this point, but today we ¬†were treated to one of the strangest/most informative trailers the world has seen in a while. Take a look at Volume’s enemies in all their shapely glory: