Vomitron Announces Release Date For RighteousNES

Vomitron recently announced that there is a third album of NES covers in the works with a scheduled spring release, and the release date is now upon us. On May 21, RighteousNES will be released into the wild, inflicting more metal versions of classic NES tunes. The CD can be ordered from Vomitron’s webstore and Bandcamp page, where interested parties can also check out Ghosts n’ Goblins. The track listing for RighteousNES is listed below.

01. Mega Man 2 [1 of 2]
02. Ghosts ‘N Goblins
03. Journey To Silius [1 of 2]
04. Final Fantasy
05. Life Force
06. Mega Man 2 [2 of 2]
07. Airwolf
08. Journey To Silius [2 of 2]
09. Silver Surfer


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