Wanderlost Finds Its Place with Kickstarter Launch

The world ended and everything was terrible, but eventually it grew back.  If Earth can survive the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs then a zombie apocalypse is merely a temporary inconvenience, although the survivors probably have a different perspective.  Bub is doing fairly ok for himself, though, living in the wilderness away from the hotspots where “urban decay” takes on a far darker meaning than it used to.  There’s wood, water, and game about so he’s not going to starve, and even a settlement to trade at.  He doesn’t have much to begin with but in typical base-building fashion that’s just a matter of beating up trees and rocks, quickly turning them into the start of a base worth living in.  After that it’s off to explore an endless procedurally generated world, or maybe stay at home and go full Harvest Moon on the farming.  There may be a big ruined world out there hiding resources and weapons, but nobody says you have to chase after it.

It’s a difficult life in the world of Wanderlost, what with stray zombies and a complete lack of convenience stores, but maybe a livable one.  Wanderlost is aiming to be a catch-all survival game incorporating all the survival elements, including hunting, gathering, crafting, and zombie killing, but with a cute and incredibly likeable 16-bit style to hold it all together.  The promise of multiple elements such as traps, many different types of biomes, changing seasons, variable difficulty depending on range of exploration, and much more comes off as incredibly approachable in a nicely-animated 2D setting.  It launched on Kickstarter today and has already cleared almost half its $35,000 goal, which isn’t a bad start at all for the ambitious survival game.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page to take a look, or maybe watch the trailer below to see an apocalypse that’s moved past the worst of the grimdark and is now about surviving in a slowly healing world.