Warframe’s Beasts of the Sanctuary Hits Consoles

Out last month on PC, the 35th Warframe is now available on console. Digital Extremes has announced today that the Beasts of the Sanctuary update is available today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, giving players access to the new Warframe Khora, alongside a new game mode called Sanctuary Onslaught, which puts players against the clock as they need to kill as many enemies as they can, replenishing their Efficiency.

When it hit PC less than a month ago, Beasts of the Sanctuary was a complete mess that required numerous hotfixes and updates. Not only that, but Khora had to be rebalanced to be more suitable in her surroundings. Hopefully these changes and modifications will be implemented in the console counterparts.

In addition, console players can also participate in a new time-limited Plague Star Event going on until May 21, while PC players were lucky enough to complete this a month ago.

The Beasts of the Sanctuary update is available for all versions of Warframe (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4).