Warner Bros. Pictures Drops First Trailer for Mortal Kombat Film

Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema today dropped the first trailer for Mortal Kombat, a film reboot based on the classic fighting game franchise.

Mortal Kombat heads back to the silver screen and HBO Max on April 16. An original story and reboot, Mortal Kombat follows new character Cole Young as he’s hunted by Outworld Emperor Shang Tsung’s best warrior, Sub-Zero. Cole finds himself recruited by Sonya Blade and Jax, a Special Forces Major with the same dragon marking Cole has. Under the tutelage of Lord Raiden, Cole begins his training with Liu Kang, Kung Lai, and Kano in the hopes he can stand with Earth’s champions against Outworld’s deadly enemies.

As one can tell, Mortal Kombat is taking some liberties with Mortal Kombat’s lore with the introduction of a new protagonist, Cole Young. Shang Tsung also appears to replace Shao Kahn as Emperor of Outworld, though a statue of Kahn can be seen in the trailer. It also appears that Kano is now an Earthrealm champion and Sub-Zero an Outworld champion, both major swaps from the game. The trailer also provides brief glimpses of Goro and Reptile, though it’s unknown how big of a role either character plays in the film.

Mortal Kombat releases in theatres April 16. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the film also debuts on HBO Max on the same day.